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Resident Assistant (2024 Season only)

The Resident Assistant is an integral part of the Chamber Music Institute experience at the Emerald Coast Chamber Music Festival.  Resident Assistant's are expected to uphold the highest level of professional while creating a welcoming environment for the community of participants that study at the festival each year.

Resident Assistant Job Responsibilities:​

  • Enforces the festival's rules and regulations.

  • Operates the ECCMF shuttle that runs between campus and festival housing

  • Remains on-call to residents during curfew hours for minors

  • Assists in supervising residents and responding to complaints, reports, requests, and emergencies.

  • Submits reports on infractions, violations, and safety issues to the ECCMF Team.

  • Plans and promotes events and trips for festival housing participants.


External applicants can expect full costs of their stay in a hotel in the coastal community of Niceville covered, as well as a fee of $1,000 for the total duration of the festival.

Participants of the Chamber Music Institute are welcome to apply for the position and will receive total costs of their participation covered by the festival.  Any fees paid (including nonrefundable deposits) will be returned upon hiring.  This will be considered a work study opportunity.

Resident Assistant Qualifications/Skills:

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

  • Ability to get along with residents of various cultures and backgrounds

  • Strong problem-solving skills

  • Proven organization and logistical skills

  • Ability to respond to and assess urgent situations


Experience and Licensing Requirements:​

  • Candidate must be at least 21 years old

  • Experience as a resident assistant in either a college, university, or festival setting

  • Working knowledge of general policies, procedures, and expectations associated with the role

  • Valid U.S. Driver's License

Interested candidates may submit a Cover Letter and One-Page Resume detailing their experience to 

The position has been filled.

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